Heart Team

The Heart Team cares for our relationships with one another and for FLGBTQC’s overall shape and structure. The Heart Team is a hub for liberatory projects, leadings, and pastoral care work.

The Heart Team is specifically charged with caring for the other teams: checking in to see who is overwhelmed or burning out, guiding Friends who have gifts to offer to the places those gifts are needed, and making space for us to grieve and/or appreciate each ministry or project when it is laid down. They may also mediate between Friends who need support to resolve an issue.

They can support Friends with leadings to organize specific campaigns: for example, international Queer solidarity campaigns; making Quaker organizations more queer-affirming; organizing the documents, photos, and records of FLGBTQC; or planning a series of fun intergenerational activities.

The Heart Team attempts to follow joy and spiritual leadings, rather than moving from a sense of obligation. Contact the Heart team at heart@flgbtqc.org.

Care Team

The Care team is a sub-team to the Heart. It is responsible for individual care — through the listening line (during the hours it is available) and one-to-one sessions. It can also set up committees of care and clearness (including testing a leading), as well as online support groups as needed. Contact the Care team at care@flgbtqc.org for access to the listening line or to arrange individual support.

The Listening Line occurs when friends are available to listen to concerns, difficulties – even just venting, etc. on Zoom. We are not therapists or counselors, but caring listeners. These periods are marked on the FLGBTQC calendar. This service can be accessed by texting the Care team at care@flgbtqc.org.

FLGBTQC’s Listening Line need support or just to be heard?

The Care team is available for several periods during the week on Zoom. See calendar at https://tinyurl.com/flgbtqc-calendar-view.

It is also possible to arrange an individual visit with a listener. Contact care@flgbtqc.org.

Please fill out the Care form at https://tinyurl.com/CareTeamConnect as it will clarify what kind of support would be most helpful to you.